About Me

Meet Michelle.

Hi there! I’m Michelle, or “Shelly”. I have a love-hate relationship with the 9-5, and a love-love relationship with food, traveling, and dragging James (the fiance) along for it all. I spend a lot of time planning the next trip, what I’m going to eat next, what shoes I’m going to wear and what book I’m going to devour at the beach. One cliche semester abroad with James was all it took for me to start chronicling our adventures.

In all seriousness, that semester abroad really shaped our perspective of the world and our relationship. We decided very early on seeing the world and experiencing moments was going to play a large part of our story. Wherever we go we love to make new friends, embrace new cultures and especially try new foods – with a little spat or two thrown in for fun!

Favorite Place I’ve Lived | Exeter, UK

Favorite Food Destination | Budapest, Hungary.

Most Adventurous Experience | Hiking Cueva Ventana, Puerto Rico.

Favorite Moment | Getting Engaged!

About Itinerary Shelly?

I launched this blog in 2016 under the name ‘Young Broke & Wandering’. Since its inception I’ve chronicled our adventures (and misadventures) abroad however, in 2018 it was time for a change. The blog underwent a facelift – out went Young Broke & Wandering and in came Itinerary Shelly.

Why did I pick the name Itinerary Shelly you ask? Well, James’ family often call me Itinerary Barbie due to my ‘Type A’ tendencies. As soon as a possible trip is in the works I’m immediately researching everything I can to plan it. However, my passion for ‘itinerary-ing’ is not limited to traveling, I plan every aspect of my life down to a T. Now how well I stick to my plans is a different story, but I certainly love ‘Itinerary-ing life’. Obviously I’m not trying to commit copyright infringement, so I dropped the Barbie and used my nickname Shelly.

Itinerary Shelly is designed exactly how I like my mimosas – 2:1. Two parts travel, one part life. I’ll be pouring healthy doses of travel throughout the blog, along with splashes of updates on my life. Whether it be about my constant battle with fitness, wedding planning, or even some financial tips, you’ll find it a little bit of everything here!

Overall I strive to inspire you to take that trip, and to take that job, and to get out of your comfort zone. Use my itineraries, travel guides, tips/tricks and even our blunders to help plan your trip(s). I want you to discover a new country or culture and help make it possible to visit!

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