Angel Oak Tree, John’s Island

Angel Oak Tree, John’s Island

If you read my recent post about Charleston, you may recall me highlighting The Angel Oak Tree on your visit. However, if you’re like you me, you may not know what this tree even is. Hence, the blog post.

Getting to the Angel Oak Tree

The Oak tree is the oldest, and largest, Oak tree recorded to date. Located on John’s Island it’s a short 35-40 minute drive from downtown Charleston. I would recommend visiting the tree on your way to Folly Beach or Keeawah Island.

To get to the tree you turn onto a narrow dirt road just past a small Church. Follow that road straight down for a few minutes until you get to a gated area on your left- and you’ll see the tree easily. Trust me, it’s impossible to miss.

Cost and Hours

The tree itself is free to visit, though it gets crowded quickly. The facility is open to the public everyday from 9am-5pm, except on Sundays where it’s open from 1pm-5pm.


There is free parking available, though it is not evidently obvious. Upon entering there is a sign regarding parking for buses, and no indication that parking for cars is available. However I promise you, if you enter the gated area there is parking!

We noticed that most people, like us, didn’t realize you could park inside the gated area and tried to park in the dirt “overflow parking” just outside the gates. This is also perfectly fine, however there aren’t that many spots available and it fills up quickly. You’ll probably find yourself driving up and down this dirt road until a car leaves BUT if you were to go into the gated area you’d find parking far more easily.

If you do manage to struggle with parking – don’t worry. Wait 5 minutes and I’m sure someone will leave by then.

The Angel Oak Tree

The tree itself takes no more than 5-10 minutes to visit. There aren’t any tours available, though there are signs placed around the tree providing information. Be warned you are not allowed to sit/climb/place objects on the Angel Oak Tree and you will be warned by staff if you attempt to do so.

We saw many photoshoots happening at the tree and it would definitely be the perfect place for a picnic. There is actually a cafe on site and picnic tables present! Puppers are welcome to the facility, however they are prohibited near the tree.

There you have it – if you’re ever visiting Charleston and looking to see something historic, check out the Angel Oak Tree on John’s Island.



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