Announcing Your Recent Engagement on Instagram

Announcing Your Recent Engagement on Instagram

While James and I are engaged now for well over a year, I thought it would be fun to list various ideas in announcing your recent engagement on instagram! In the midst of everything going on, it’s pretty clear that Coronavirus is the ELEPHANT in the room when it comes to my wedding.

The number of ‘Are you planning to Cancel’ messages I’ve received are enough to drive me crazy, on top of all the existing wedding stress. After de-stressing with my COVID-19 Update, I’ve decided for now to ignore the wedding-wrecking-ball that is Coronavirus, and compose a lighthearted and fun Wedding Post.

Announcing Your Recent Engagement on Instagram

The Proposal

If your guy/girl is forward thinking enough to photograph the moment, you can always use the actual proposal. I always love seeing adorable proposals of recent engagements on instagram!

Engagement Photos

Some people (somehow) wait to announce their engagement by taking Engagement Photos and releasing them. I 100% did not have the self-discipline to do that. Heck, I took engagement photos TWICE (see here and here).

A Ring Selfie

We all shamelessly love a good selfie, and a Ring Selfie is no different. What I love the most about Ring Selfies is that you can take so many different type of photos!

Engaged Props

If all else fails, an Engaged Prop is always helpful. Whether it be a cute mug, tee, sign or a pup!

Announcing Your Engagement on Instagram – Recap

Whether you choose to announce your Engagement, or not, the important thing is that you and your best friend have decided to spend forever with each other! If you’re like me, and probably half of the rest of society, and want to share the big news, I hope this helps inspire you!

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