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Well – if you’re reading this you may or may not know that the blog is getting a facelift. New name, new logo, new content and new travels. While I absolutely love Young Broke and Wandering, it was created when I first got into blogging and as time as passed I have realized I will soon grow out of this name. At some point I will no longer be young, and I certainly hope to no longer be broke, but definitely to continue wandering. With this in mind I sought to grow my blog into something I can happily use for my continued blogging, however long that may be. Additionally, while I absolutely love blogging about traveling there are other areas I’d love to branch out into. This blog, post facelift, will primarily still be focused on traveling and all aspects associated with traveling, however you will see more posts related to my life in general. Whether it be about those moments I decided I’m going to try to be healthy and workout and eat healthy (which I’m sure I’ll complain about nonstop), or balancing a not so 9-5 with traveling, or whatever else comes my way, you’ll certainly be seeing more of that.

So the important part, what’s the new name? Dundundunnnnnnnnn the new blog will be called Itinerary Shelly.

Itinerary Shelly

Itinerary Shelly stems from an inside joke. One weekend in London was all it took for James’ dad to make fun of my Type A tendencies when it comes to traveling and he nicknamed me Itinerary Barbie. Maybe it’s because I had planned two full days worth of sightseeing and created an itinerary in which to see them, or maybe it’s because I made them walk 18 mile days to see everything on this itinerary like a robot on a mission. I am forever more Itinerary Barbie to his dad and so Itinerary Barbie was solidified for me as a possible blog name. However, I’m definitely not trying to be sued by Mattel for copyright infringement, hence Itinerary Shelly for the blog.

If the mention of a trip, or a potential trip is brought up, I immediately start researching how to get there, when to go, where to stay, what to do and create my “itineraries” if you will. When James sees me in planning mode he does some weird robot move and teases me by saying “Itinerary Barbie, must plan travel” in this eerie robotic voice. I think it’s because I’m very “plan oriented” in my personal life. When I graduated college my first task was to create a 5 year budget for my financial life, now how well I stick to that budget is another story..but the point remains I’m very much a planner. Whether that plan needs to be followed to a T remains to be said, but knowing I have a general path to follow in this unpredictable life is a great sense of comfort to me personally.

Basically, I’m big on ‘Itinerary-ing’ life, whether it be travel or life. So bear with me as the blog transitions to this new phase, and all the kinks and updates are made. I hope you will all stick around post facelift, and enjoy all the changes to come, I’m certainly excited to share them with you. For now stay tuned xx

Sincerely Shelly


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