Charleston’s Alleyways – The Best Kept Secret

Charleston’s Alleyways – The Best Kept Secret

Charleston’s Hidden Alleyways and Streets

My latest post detailing what to do, see and eat in Charleston mentions Charleston’s alleyways. Charleston is filled with beautiful alleyways, cobblestoned streets, and hidden alleys! These streets are the perfect way to escape a hot summer day downtown. With that in mind I figured I would share my favorite Charleston alleyways.

Charleston’s Alleyways

Philadelphia Alley

Lodge Alley

Bedon’s Alley

Stoll’s Alley

charleston's alleways - stoll's alley

Beyond Alleyways in Charleston -Streets and Parks

Chalmers Street

charleston's alleways - chalmers street

Washington Square

charleston's alleways - washington square

Church Street

charleston's alleways - church st

There you have it folks! Some of my favorites places for escaping the hot sun on a summer day, or admiring all the Southern Architecture.

If you want this city all to yourself, be sure to do your research before visiting! Check out what’s going on in the town before visiting and see what events are going on. Try visiting in non-peak times, aka the summer. If you’re wary of the heat, hit the town early in the morning, or later in the afternoon to avoid the Carolina heat and humidity.

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