Finally Engaged, Six Years Later

Finally Engaged, Six Years Later

Engagement Alert

Well if you don’t know yet, here’s the formal ‘blog’ announcement that we are officially engaged, six years later! Yes folks you heard that right. After quite the ride together and countless not-so subtle hints James has finally popped the question.

Spoiler Alert: I said yes

How We Met

Middle School

Let’s roll it back a few years to me rocking some frizzy hair, a strong trini accent, and bushy brows. I had just moved to Long Island in sixth grade, and likewise J had just moved there from Pittsburgh, PA.

A year later, frizzy haired and bushy-eye brows, I encountered Eric (his twin brother) in my first period gym class. Four hours later I met James for the first time in my art class. I was very confused why my gym teacher called him Eric and my art teacher called him James. Maybe he had one of those weird double first names, Eric-James? Whatever, I’ll roll with it I told myself. Fast forward a few weeks and I finally saw the twins walking together in the hall. It all instantly snapped – James/Eric was a twin. I felt like an idiot to say the least.

In the typical middle-school fashion we became boyfriend and girlfriend. A hot-minute later, though James argues it was 3 months, it was Christmas time. James decided he needed to break up with me, Christmas, followed by a birthday and Valentine’s Day was just too many events. In the true nature of a twelve year old with $5, our middle-school romance came to an end.

High School

Our junior year of high school we both unknowingly joined the same Student Government campaign team, and surprisingly we won. Maybe it was circumstance, luck or faith even, but that win allowed us to spend tons of time together. Even though we didn’t speak for four years, it didn’t take long to realize that Jame was it.

He was funny, charming, and smart. He always found a way to make me laugh, and did everything to make me happy. Soon enough we were dating (again), but for real this time.

FYI: Five years later James’ niece ended up giving me the adorable Christmas present he had bought for me. Even though he didn’t give to me because we broke up, I still got it years later. That stuffed penguin sits in my room to this day. Thanks J.

About Us

Six years later, and he is still my best friend. Every day since we have been together J has found a way to make me smile and fall more in love with him. Now don’t get me wrong, we bicker like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes we bicker about the idea of bickering, so much so that his parents call us ‘The Bickersteins.’ Yet somehow, an hour after bickering over nothing, we’re wrestling on the floor, laughing about something, or cuddling on the couch. To say James fills me with joy and love is an understatement.

Over the past six years, we have grown together, learned to love together, faced obstacles together, and found solutions together.

We went to senior prom, had a summer romance, battled a long distance college relationship, and moved in together our Sophomore Year of college. We lived abroad in England and discovered a passion for traveling. We’ve slept in hotels, airports, parking garages, and cars. We’ve hiked mountains, snowmobiled on glaciers, jumped of waterfalls and snorkeled in bioluminescent bays. We have had so many adventures together, and yet this just might be my favorite adventure thus far.

Our Engagement

Almost Engaged

Given our love for traveling (I mean it is a travel blog) it only seems natural that James would propose to me while on a trip. Well here’s a real plot twist.

He did not.

To be fair, James did attempt to propose to me while we were on a trip. While we were in Iceland to be exact, James had hoped to ask me to marry him (aw) under the Northern Lights. Unfortunately a few little obstacles threw a wrench in that plan.

One of them being that James switched his bags last minute prior to the flight and forgot to grab the ring. The second being that we never saw the Northern Lights. Even if had brought the ring, he wouldn’t have asked anyway.

The craziest part was that I planned a trip for ten days in Iceland to ensure that we could see these lights, and we did not. I’m sure I’ll write a post alllll about Iceland soon so I’ll save more of that story for another day.

Turns out the day before our flight James was scrambling on the phone with Eric, trying to find a way to overnight the ring to him. However, it was a Sunday and the ring wouldn’t have arrived in time. On top of that, James’ mom certainly would not have allowed James to ship it, since the ring he was planning to propose with was a family ring. So long story short, our Iceland Engagement did not happen.

Finally Engaged

Okay so you’ve been reading along for what may be five minutes now and you’re wondering how the hell did he propose? Well, it did happen eventually.

On December 30th, 2018, a week after our Iceland trip, James took me on a classic James and Michelle date. A delicious meal (one of my favorites) followed by a romantic walk through a park we have been frequenting for five years now.

I can recall every moment like it was yesterday – to be fair it was just under two months ago. James and I walked over to a dock so I could take a photo of the lake (surprise) and on our way back we were standing on a bridge over the water. I turned to walk off the bridge, when J asked me to wait. I saw him get on his knee, and finally ask me the question I have been waiting to hear. Mid-proposal a bug smacked James in the face. I could not help but burst out laughing. Six years later I was engaged, saying yes to a lifetime of adventures with my best friend.

In fact five years ago, James and I shared our very first date in Myrtle Beach, at this very park. Five years ago, we started to build our life together in Myrtle Beach, and years later we came full circle with an engagement in that very same park.

While an Engagement traveling the world would have been fitting, an engagement somewhere special to us, where a large part of our life together has been spent was perfect.

Following our engagement, we hurried on home to share the good news with our families and James presented me with my second ring. Yes, I do have two rings. A Sapphire Ring from his grandmother, and a diamond that James purchased.

That’s the story of how my high-school sweetheart asked me to marry him, and I won’t have to change my monogram. Engaged, six years later and happy as can be.


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