Freshers Week In the UK

freshers week

Freshers Week at the University of Exeter

But first, what is Freshers Week? It is essentially the equivalent of our orientation week, or move in week in the States.


The University of Exeter

Our first week at Uni was Freshers Week and boy oh boy was it a week.

One word and one word only comes to mind when I think of the University of Exeter‘s campus. No that word is not beautiful (though it absolutely is). HILLS. There are bloody hills all over this city and this campus.

Freshers Week Exeter Exeter University

I swear the people that decided to put a University at the top of a massive hill are sitting here laughing at me as I pant and sweat making my way to the Forum (one of the main buildings on campus). For a side note, I have terrible eating habits, I mainly survive on carbs, and I avoid exercise like the plague. After a month at Exeter and maintaining these same oh so healthy dietary habits my jeans are now one size too large. The saying “look on the bright side” comes to mind now.

I swear the hills are much steeper than they appear in the photo below, all those people that look like they’re strolling are definitely struggling as well – or at least that’s what I tell myself.



Freshers Week Societies

Now back to Freshers Week. Keep in mind students here only go to university for 3 years (unless they are doing a language major and must do a gap year abroad). Automatically I’m older than the average final year student. Participating in a week dedicated to Freshers (first years students) the age gap really struck out to me. However this feeling was not enough to dissuade me from joining in on the activities. There was way too much free stuff for me to pass up – that just screams Michelle. James hates me for dragging him to things just because it’s free, yet somehow I find everything always manages to work out.

Climbing Society

Jocelyn, Donald, James and I attended a FREE rock climbing trip in this beautiful national park called Dartmoor hosted by the Climbing Society. While on this trip I met Beatrice, and Filippa who were also on an exchange program but they were from Sweden. Both were in my Money and Banking lecture and I ended up becoming good friends with them by the end of our semester abroad.

Freshers Week Exeter Rock climbing Dartmoor

Freshers Week Exeter Rock climbing Dartmoor


PRO TIP: Beware the massive cow patties strewn around everywhere and do NOT pet the wild horses as I did. They have fleas or something, and they bite and it itches for days.


Whilst rock climbing was fun I decided one climb was enough for me. Not sure I’m too keen on dangling in the air on the face of a rock. James, far braver than I did all the routes offered to us, and ended up cutting his hand while doing the hardest route. I definitely suggest bringing gloves or chalk or something. The view, though, at the top of the rock was worth the climb.

Freshers Week Exeter View of Dartmoor


Cocktail Society Pub Crawl

Another activity that I dragged James to that he nonetheless enjoyed was a pub crawl hosted by the Cocktail Society. Jocelyn mentioned she was attending so we obviously went with her, even if we weren’t planning to spend money on drink we could still go out and socialize. Basically, we met some pretty cool English freshers and enjoyed the atmosphere at Gandy’s and there were free drinks – score. My life philosophy is if it’s free, why not?

Freshers Week Exeter Cocktail Society

Slow Food Society

Lastly, my favorite bit of Freshers Week was the food. There’s a society on campus dedicated to eating. You don’t need to ask twice if I joined. Slow food society was kind enough to host a buffet at Oddfellows. Obviously, James and I were in attendance. The spread was great, potatoes, salad, crackers with fancy cheese and petit four style brownies yum.

Forensics Society

We also participated in an event at the Old Firehouse hosted by Forensics Society where we feasted on free pizza and cider (a must at the Old Firehouse).  We met some really cool people and learned a lot about Forensics society – so we signed up.

Chaplaincy and Jewish Society

We also attended a bagel breakfast by the Jewish Society  – cream cheese and cucumber bagels, and a lunch buffet hosted by the Chaplaincy society. Somehow I don’t have any photos of the great food we ate all week long (apologies). Motivated by food to go to these events worked really well because we ended up meeting people from all over the world and learned about groups I otherwise would have never participated in.

Freshers Week Fair

To cap off Freshers Week we attended the student fair hosted on Saturday. At the fair students officially joined societies and tons and tons of freebies were given out. Dominoes gave out free pizza slices, Wilko gave a shopping bag, filled with goodies. A wooden spoon, laundry detergent, razor, bottle opener! Morrisons gave out cupcakes and a bag of spaghetti, a free burger voucher from Walkabout, and 2 free movie tickets with popcorn. We also got 4 t-shirts. For future students attending Freshers Week next year…even if you don’t join societies, go to the fair for the freebies.


Total Cost: FREE

*Well technically £10 ea. since we joined two societies…


Freshers Week Exeter Pin

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