Get to know Shelly

get to know shelly

Truth be told I stared at this blank piece of paper (well screen) for 30 minutes. I have so many ideas swirling in my head yet I always struggle to post on Itinerary Shelly. I can never seem to get the words out, and decided it’s time to share more of the Shelly that makes Itinerary Shelly.

Itinerary Shelly

A little about what makes me, Shelly!

  • Twenty something, working a corporate job, totally unsure what her lifetime passion is.
  • Dating J for over 6 years & and eventually got that ring.
  • Currently planning a wedding in Italy (ah)! Stay tuned on all the future Wedding posts to come!
  • Willing to spend more money on a plane ticket than what’s in my bank account, yet cancels an entire order because $5.99 for shipping is absurd.
  • Cannot see a fur-baby without petting it – current favs are a Beagle named Duce, and a Brittany Pointer named Aspen.
  • I’ve got this insane loving and supportive group of family and friends.
  • Passed all four parts of my CPA exam a year ago!
  • I have never seen a piece of bread I didn’t like.
  • On a mission to see all 194 countries!
  • Plans a budget for the next five years, yet always overspends in the “misc” category.


I’m not entirely sure what all these random tidbits of my life have to do with anything, but a the very lease you guys get to know more about me.

In the coming months I’ve made it my mission to introduce more of the life in this lifestyle blog, and more of the Shelly in Itinerary Shelly!

Stay tuned folks for more content on the blog, I promise! Whether it be wedding, travel, or maybe a combination of both, it’s all coming soon! Go figure a girl that likes to travel has a destination wedding.

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