How to get from FCO Airport to Rome City Center

How to get from FCO Airport to Rome City Center

With the given nuptials coming up in Italy, I figured I should finally add to the “Transportation” Series. Fiumcino International Airport, or Leonardo DaVinci Airport is located 32 km from the city center, or roughly half an hour away. Chances if you’re taking an international flight into Rome, you’ll be flying into FCO. Buckle up and get ready to learn all about getting from FCO Airport to Rome’s City Center.

FCO Airport to Rome City Center

Getting from FCO Airport to Rome City Center via Taxi

The obvious, and often most expensive option is the traditional taxi. Licensed taxi’s have a fixed fare set by the Roman Authorities at €48. This fare covers baggage and will accommodate a maximum of four guests. This fare is paid via cash or card.

It is important to note that the fare is only valid for Rome destinations within the Aurelian Walls. If your destination is not within the city-walls, your fare is based on a meter and you will be charged additionally for luggage.

These cars are easily identifiable – white with a “Taxi” logo on top of the car. Additionally, these cars are not that large – and I find it hard to believe that four people, each with a suitcase would fit comfortably.

Last but not least, there are reportedly many unlicensed taxis that try to scam tourists. I recommend only, getting a taxi at the official taxi-ticket booth, and the taxi should be in a queue of lines for passengers. I wouldn’t take offers from individuals or cars floating aside. Some recommendations state the app “MyTaxi” is valid at FCO airport. I have never used this app, so I can’t say with certainity if it’s legit or not. However, I would personally prefer to go to the ticket booth.

Getting from FCO Airport to Rome City Center via Uber

As of September 2019, Uber’s website states that their services are offered in Rome. However it appears cars are limited to Black, Luxury and Vans. I would imagine they are at minimum €50.

Getting from FCO Airport to Rome City Center via Public Trains

There are two train options from Fiumcino Airport available. One of these trains is an express train, while the other is a regional train.

Fun Fact: Children under four years are free of charge on both the regional and express train.

Please be mindful that both the Regional and Express trains depart from the same station, at Terminal 3, therefore be certain you are getting on the right train. Tickets are not for a specific seat, but rather a seat on the train itself. Be aware, it is extremely important to validate your ticket prior to boarding. If you do not validate your ticket you can be fined while on the train.

Regional Train (FL1)

The regional train costs only €8 and departs in 15 minute intervals. However, on Sundays and late at night the train departs in 30 minute intervals. The local train is a great option if you’re going to the other regions with the city center of Rome. However, if you need to get to Rome Termini you will need to transfer trains, and this trip will take roughly an hour. Refer to the following map to see where you would transfer.

Leonardo Express Train

The Leonardo Express Train takes only 30 minutes to get from FCO Airport to Rome City Center (Rome Termini). Surprisingly, this train is not drastically more expensive than the regional train, clocking in at only €14. Tickets can be purchased at ticket booths, kiosks, or online for a specific departure.

This services runs in 15 minute intervals, from 6:23 am to 11:23 pm.

Getting from FCO Airport to Rome City Center via Shuttles

The buses can all be found at Terminal 3 outside FCO Airport.

Terravision Bus

There are multiple Shuttle Buses available to/from Rome City Center. Currently, Terravision is the public favorite. At only €5.80 you can get between Termini and FCO within an hour! These buses have wifi, are air-conditioned, and children under 5 are free. Buses are scheduled for every 30 minutes and tickets can be purchased online, or upon boarding via credit card/cash.


SIT Buses, will set you back €6, and stop at various locations within Rome taking roughly an hour. Buses run roughly every 30 minutes, and offers free wifi and free passage for children under 4.

T.A.M. Bus

The T.A.M. Bus is also an option at roughly €6, over an hour. T.A.M. is the only shuttle bus that runs 24/7. If you miss your bus, your ticket is still valid for later departures.

Transportation Recap

There you have it folks, plenty of affordable, and not-so affordable options available to you! Whether you’re a budget traveler, or taxi-taker you’ll easily find your way from the airport to Rome City Center.

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