How to Get to King Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh

How to get to King Arthur's Seat from Edinburgh

How to Get to King Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh

If you read my post about our weekend trip to Edinburgh and hiking King Arthur’s Seat and you found yourself wondering how to get to King Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh then you came to the right place. King Arthur’s Seat is located just beyond the ‘city’ of Edinburgh in Holyrood Park. If you’re not familiar with the area it may seem daunting, but fear not – it’s actually not that bad. After reading this post you certainly won’t be asking how to get to King Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh again!



First thing’s first, a visual of where King Arthur’s Seat is in reference to Edinburgh would probably be helpful. Here’s a snapshot of Edinburgh Castle (at the end of the Royal Mile) in relation to the base of King Arthur’s Seat Mountain. This distance is only roughly a mile.

I purposely chose something further away from Holyrood Park to highlight that there is no reason to be concerned when trying to figure out how to get to King Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh.


I’m personally a big fan of walking – and if you’re like me walking is a great option to get to King Arthur’s Seat. Depending on where you are in Edinburgh you’re looking at roughly a 30 minute walk.

Edinburgh King Arthurs Seat

There are a few options available to hike up to Arthur’s Seat. The different paths require you to begin your hike at different locations at Holyrood Park. Therefore depending on what route you’d like to hike will dictate how long your walk to Holyrood Park will be. Either you walk towards the left-hand entrance of the park and start your hike at the Holyrood Gait & Queens Dr. intersection, or you can walk to the right-hand entrance of the park and start your hike at Holyrood Park Rd. & Duddingston Low Rd. intersection. Your walk could be as simple as walking down the Royal Mile and walking a short distance from there, or walking south towards The University of Edinburgh.

Regardless of your selected hike, the base of Arthur’s Seat is about 1-1.5 miles away from the furthest end of Edinburgh city center. It’s definitely feasible to walk to the hike!

Public Transport

If walking isn’t your game and you’re trying to conserve your energy for the hike (which it’s also not too difficult) don’t worry because you can definitely use public transportation to get close to Holyrood Park.

Holyrood Park Rd. & Duddingston Low Rd. (right entrance of the park)

You can take a variety of buses that bring you to the ‘Royal Commwealth Pool’ stop which is a five minute walk to the Holyrood Park Rd & Duddingston Low Rd intersection, located at the right hand entrance of the Park. These buses include buses 14, 30, 33, 52, and X95.

Alternatively if none of these buses come your way, you can get to King Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh by taking a bus to ‘Newington Rd’. This stop is a bit further from the intersection at the right entrance, and requires a ten minute walk. You can hop on buses marked 3, 5, 7, 29, 31, 37, 49, and 37 to get to the ‘Newington Rd’ stop.

Holyrood Gait & Queens Dr. (left entrance of the park)

If you’re beginning your hike from the left side of the park and you’d like to take public transport you can easily hop on a bus #6 and get off at the stop ‘Holyrood Gait’. From there its about a 2 minute walk to the intersection located at the left hand entrance of the park!

You can also take bus 35 or 36 which lets you off near the Scottish Parliament Building and you can then walk about 10 minutes to the Holyrood Gait & Queens Dr. Intersection at the left entrance of the park.


As you can tell, King Arthur’s Seat is not that far from Edinburgh, and you have many options available for getting there. Personally, I’m always an advocate for walking when possible and saving some money. Plus you get to see more of Edinburgh by walking through the city. Regardless, whichever route you take, once you get to the top of Arthur’s Seat you’ll be pleased you made the hike. Look at the beautiful view of Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat.

Edinburgh View from King Arthurs Seat

The next time you’re in Edinburgh and planning to take a friend to Arthur’s Seat from Edinburgh, you should be more than prepared. Let me know if you have another way of getting from Edinburgh to King Arthur’s Seat – would love to hear in the comments below!


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