Jurassic Coast in Exmouth

the jurassic coast

The Jurassic Coast in Exmouth

Pronounced: Ex-myth. Similar pronunciation to that of Plymouth.

Here in the southwest of England, we are fortunate enough to live near the coast. In this area is a stretch of coastline known as the Jurassic Coast. Named so due to the layers of sedimentary rock that stretch over 185 million years. It covers the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. I was lucky enough to take a trip to The Jurassic Coast in Exmouth through the University. All the International students signed up for the trip, so it was a great way to meet some new friends.

The Jurassic Coast Cruise in Exmouth

All the students took a private coach from the University and about 45 minutes later we were driving through the town of Exmouth. Within 30 minutes we had all clambered onto the “Jurassic Coast River Cruise” boat, excited to go down the coast of the Jurassic River and learn some interesting facts, and maybe have time to find some fossils?

Boy were we disappointed. Instead of going along the southern coast of England, ie the Jurassic Coast beginning in Exmouth, the boat went inland up the River Exe. The cruise should have been called River Exe Cruise not Jurassic Coast Cruise. I hoped that we would at least get some informational tips on the cruise. Instead we got random tidbits about construction sites. He made no mention of anything regarding the Jurassic Coast.

We did, however, see a couple struggling as their sailboat tipped over and they were frantically trying to right it. Nevertheless, even though the cruise wasn’t what we expected we still had a good time with our friends.


The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Couple on Boat Cruise

The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Boats on Water

Exploring the Town

After our Cruise ended, we had a couple hours to spend in Exmouth. We ventured into town and had some traditional Cornish Pasties. When in Cornwall, you must have a Cornish Pasty, they are warm, flavorful and filling. There happened to be a Mussel Festival in town, so we spent some time checking it out.

The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Exmouth City

The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Cornish Pasty

The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Exmouth Harbor


We ended up strolling on the beach and skipping some rocks before we got back on our coach back to Exeter. There were massive beach chairs and of course we had to take photos in them. I sincerely apologize to the nice couple we made take the photos for us…we were having way too much fun.


The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Exmouth BEach

The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Exmouth BEach

The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Kids on Beach Chair



Total Cost: £12.20

Cost Breakdown

  • Student ticket: £10 (Includes transport to and from Exeter and River Cruise)
  • Pasty: £2.20



The Jurassic Coast Exmouth Pin

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  1. Arlene Karp
    November 22, 2016 / 11:13 AM

    What a fantastic experience you are having. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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