The Travel Accessories You Can’t Leave Home Without

must have travel accessories

The Travel Accessories You Can’t Leave Home Without

Throughout all my travels I’ve learned there are a handful of travel accessories you can’t leave home without. In light of that I decided to compile a list of a few of my favorite accessories.

My Phone – loaded with TONS of apps!

A MAPS APP is crucial.

    • The iPhone’s generic maps app is handy enough, however, I’ve found Google Maps is better since it gives directions and time schedules of various transportation modes. HOWEVER, when traveling with your phone in airplane mode and using Offline Google Maps, you do need to download the map for the city you’ll be exploring on wifi prior to losing your WIFI.
    • Another alternative to Offline Google Maps is my personal favorite, Maps.Me. It works the same way as Google Maps where you need to download the map on WIFI/data prior to losing your connection, BUT you can also download preset pins of attractions onto your map, and add your own pins. You can search for the nearest bathroom, or restaurant or the address of your hostel and save it on your map. This was super handy for us while traveling Europe and we couldn’t read signs, I could always refer to my map to route me to our destinations.

Google language translator

  • Similar to the Offline Google Maps, the languages must be downloaded prior to loosing WIFI/Data connection.


  • Is a great app to stay connected international without getting hit with international fees on your phone plan. If you keep your phone on airplane mode, all you need is WIFI to send messages or make calls. This app allowed me to keep in touch with my family in Trinidad, the USA, and friends in England all while in England on my American phone and not get charged on my phone bill.

Wifi Finder

  • This app is definitely helpful in a situation where your phone is on airplane mode and you NEED wifi to send messages/make calls/look directions up. It shows you all the locations near you that have free wifi, and often can give you passwords for locked WIFI sites.

Oanda Currency Converter

  • This app will quickly translate your currency at current exchange rates. It’s a great way to see if you’re getting ripped off at a currency exchange store or not.

Charger Case/Charging Block

Now without a doubt, those handy dandy apps drain your phone’s battery and a dead phone will be none the help to you.

  • I bought a phone case that charges my phone, and I DIDN’T spend a ton of money on it. It was a simple $25 Kate Spade case for my iPhone5 I found at Marshall’s and it worked perfectly during all our travels. After charging the case once, I managed to get 2 full charges on my phone.
  • On top of that, I also purchased an external charging block. I found a decent one on Amazon that cost me about $15 and it allowed me to charge my phone and my case simultaneously twice with a full charge.

Universal Adapter

I cannot stress how important this is. The rest of the world does NOT have the same outlets as America does. I highly recommend getting a universal adapter that is good for ALL countries. Fun fact, for some reason Italy has different outlets from the most of the countries in the EU, so don’t just get a generic EU adapter as it may not work in Italy.

Travel Journal / Notes App

Considering I’ve taken up this blogging thing, I’ve found it quite helpful to keep notes of our trips so I can jog my memory when I finally get around to writing about the trip. A travel journal would be ideal, however, most of the times I’m too lazy to spend two hours writing about everything we did..hence comes the notes app. I pop over to my app, leave a few notes here and there throughout the day that I want to remember and continue on with my day when I’m traveling. It is especially handy for details like prices. When I’m done traveling and at home, I then like to fill my actual travel journal with post cards, tickets, receipts, coins etc from my adventures!


Did you really go on a trip if you didn’t insta it? But seriously, I love taking pictures of our trips. I think it’s fantastic that I can be sitting on my couch and can look through my photos and reminisce on my time in Rome, or Amsterdam or Paris. On top of that, I love being able to share my adventures with my family and friends. I personally think if you have a phone with a decent camera on it, that’s all you need. I personally wouldn’t want to travel with a bulky DLSR camera, however, I also know next to nothing about photography other than I find something I like and click a button so I’m perfectly fine with my iPhone 5s.

External USB Memory Disc

Now if you’re ANYTHING like me, you’ll take 500 pictures in just one day and run out of space on your phone. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing an external USB memory disc that plugs right into your phone. I found a great 16 GB one on Amazon for $10. Every night during a trip I take all my pictures from that day and download them onto this USB stick and then delete them off my phone. I typically also upload all my pictures to facebook, just in case I lose the memory disc. How awful would that be?!

Empty Water Bottle

Because you’ll always be thirsty, and no one wants to overspend on pricey water bottles at the airport.


travel accessories you can't live without

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  1. February 3, 2018 / 7:20 PM

    Great tips! I’ve recently written a similar post and most of your recommendations are on my list, too 🙂 I didn’t know about the Wifi Finder app though, thanks for the tip!

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