Must See Murals in Austin

Must See Murals in Austin

Reverting back to some wholesome travel content and decided to write a blog post about ATX. All the must see murals in Austin you gotta check out when you visit. If you’re like me, and always looking for some cool art when visiting a new city, stay tuned.

Must See Murals in Austin

Greetings from Austin

1702 S. 1st Street

Love from Austin

1912 S Congress Ave.

6th Street Historic District

6th & I-35

Little Limbo

Little Limbo, 1700 S Congress Ave

Be the Change You Want to See

1111 E. 6th St

Til Death Do Us Part

1201 E. 7th & Waller

Blue Tile Wall

Sabine St. & 5th

Greetings from The Heart of Texas

Gueros Taco Bar, 1412 S Congress Ave

Must See Murals in Austin

There you have it folks, there are my mural recommendations for Austin. Trust me, if I had more time I probably would’ve shlepped James across more of Austin. But with two days, tired feet, and a way to hot Austin this was all we could squeeze in. Highly recommend renting a bird/lime while there and scooting around the city, instead of walking while you search for murals.

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