My Favorite Items! What I’m Loving Right Now

My Favorite Items! What I’m Loving Right Now

What day is it?! HUMP DAY. Happy Hump Day Friends! What better way to continue this week than by sharing some of my favorite items right now.

My Favorite Beauty Items


I have been L O V I N G the animal cruelty free products / eco-friendly products. When it comes to my makeup that has been no exception, and quite frankly some of these products are my favorite beauty items, regardless of their cruelty free status.

Huda Beauty, and Physician’s Formula are both cruelty-free brands, that offer a wide variety of products from lipstick, to bronzer, and eyeshadow. My personal favorite items from both brands are the Tantour and Butter Bronzer.

Recently I have been loving a bronzed and contoured look and these are my go to products to achieve that look. Huda Beauty’s Tantour is combination between a bronzer/contour and applies with a creamy finish that easily blends in your skin. Whereas, Physican’s Formula Butter Bronzer is your typical powder bronzer, with a great scent and lasting bronze throughout the day.

Makeup Remover

If you read my recent post about making smaller decisions that can have a better impact on our Mother Earth, you may recall me discussing make-up remover wipes. I recently learned that many of these wipes, that I use almost daily are not degradable and pollute our oceans or add more trash to our landfills. In an effort to find a better alternative I tried out Face Halo, which is a microfiber makeup removing cloth/pad. The microfibers are so fine that they are able to clean your pores deeper than traditional makeup-removing wipes can and only require the use of water. This is by far one of my favorite eco-friendly items I’m currently incorporating in my day to day life.

My Favorite Accessories

If you interact with me daily, you’ll definitely notice I always have a few things on hand.

Cell Phone Accessories

Me being the most extra person ever, had to buy a pop-socket for cell phone that says “I’m Engaged, DUH”. Because if you didn’t know, I’m Engaged.


About a year ago, I got my hands on a Teton Mountains Rings from Jackson Hole Jewelry in Rose Gold and Silver. I wear these rings every. single. day.

Surprsingly, I have yet to visit Jackson Hole, but my rings certainly make me want to visit! The simple yet chic design is just stunning, and they have held up really well over the past year and half of daily wear. Hopefully I can add another Teton Ring to my stack soon.

Last but not least, my latest obsession recently has been the ever trendy Pearl. Not your mom’s pearl earrings, or necklace, but pearl hairclips. I love that hair clips are back in style, and these simple pearl accessories add the perfect pizzazz to any outfit!

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