Our Engagement Photos

Our Engagement Photos

In a few weeks it will be exactly one year since James asked me to marry him. A lot has happened since then, but I realize I have yet to share any Engagement Photos on the blog. Therefore, on the whatever day of BLOGMAS, I present to you – Our Engagement Photos!

J and I went back and forth on taking engagement photos, for almost a month. I, unsurprisingly, am always willing to take photos and loved the idea of them. However, J couldn’t fathom spending hundreds of dollars on photos that will be replaced by wedding photos. In the spirit of compromise we made an agreement.

The Compromise

We would take our engagement photos on the beach ourselves. The setting was perfect – one of our favorite places to spend time, and the cost was ideal – free. James’ mom who has dabbled in photograph would take the photos and then I would edit them. If I liked how they turned out, then great. If not, we would get them done professionally.

Ultimately I had a lot of fun doing these photos with James, and having his mom be a part of it. I edited the photos to my exact taste, and loved the end results. We actually ended up using one of the photos for our save the dates! James obviously was happy they were done and over with, for the cost of an afternoon at the beach. Below are some of my favorite shots from our thrifty engagement session.

Engagement Photos in Italy

Low and behold though, as part of our Wedding Package with our Wedding Photographer – we will be doing an Engagement Session together the day before our Wedding! Stay tuned for those photos (in a year or so) and all the Wedding Photos to come!


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