Shelly Did What? Fall Memories

Shelly Did What? Fall Memories

Shelly Did What – Fall Memories

In the blink of an eye Fall 2019 whizzed by and Christmas is at our door. This year for Christmas I’ve decided to participate in BLOGMAS, or rather attempt to. BLOGMAS is essentially a blog post a day until Christmas. I started out Day 1 of BLOGMAS detailing The Angel Oak Tree on John’s Island. Day 2’s post is all about my Shelly Did What? Fall Recap over the past few months. From reaching our one year mark to the wedding, to road-trips, and some big changes at work there’s a lot to unwrap! Keep reading and stay tuned for *hopefully* all the BLOGMAS posts! Seriously though, this may turn into like 7 posts and then radio-silence.

Shelly Did What? – Home


In September James and I faced our first Hurricane of the season in Charleston. We decided to stay put and enjoy the remaining days of summer, rather than evacuate.

We made our way to our favorite beach in Charleston, Sullivan’s Beach and soaked up some sun before stocking up on some Hurricane essentials. I flew off to San Antonio for work while James stayed put in Charleston to bare the Hurricane.

After the Hurricane we biked around the island and fortunately saw minimal impact – a lot of leaves and branches got knocked about but no damage to our apartment complex. Downtown Charleston however didn’t get off as easily, and as typical, flooded.

Fall Activities

In October our apartment complex hosted a fall event, s’mores and cider and you can guarantee I made it my mission to attend. We ate our belly’s full of s’mores before we went back to our apartment to drink our cider and watch a movie.

In the spirit of continuing our fall activities J and I made a trip to Boone Hall Plantations and Garden to go pumpkin picking. We spent some time looking for the perfect pumpkin and picked this gem, which I have yet to carve. Oops.

Johns Island

After years of visiting Charleston, and a year of living in Charleston, James and I finally made it to the Angel Oak Tree. We decided to get up early on a Saturday and drive over to the tree. It was B I G, and old.


Discovering new places to Brunch might be my new favorite pastime. In November, after scouring through a Wedding Dress Sample Sale, Jen and I decided to try out Felix Cocktails Et Cuisine for Brunch. Let me tell you – this place was delish.

Shelly Did What? – Livin Life

Bon Voyage Eric

September saw one of our last visits to Myrtle Beach, where we spent the weekend helping Eric get ready for his move to Germany. It really takes a village with these boys, we spent 2 hours packing and re-packing Eric’s bags. I swear he tried to pack everything with him in one suitcase.

New York Weekends

I made a trip back to New York at the end of September and made sure I visited James’ sister Nicole. We spent the evening watching his niece cheerlead. When I met her she was in diapers and now she’s about to start middle school.

The rest of the weekend I spent at home with my parents and brother Alex. It was nice to be home and catch up with my family for a little. My mom even took some time to teach me how to decorate cookies, as we worked on a Frozen order for my Flower Girl’s Birthday Party.

Brielle’s 4th Birthday Party

Speaking of my Flower Girl, James and I drove down to Orlando in October to visit Paige, her husband Logan, and her daughter Brielle. We celebrated Brielle’s 4th birthday party, Frozen theme of course. She is absolutely adorable and melts my heart when she calls me Aunt Shell. Now please stop growing up!

Jens 25th Birthday

Another Bridal Party member celebrated her birthday in October! Jen and I spent her 25th looking at model homes, as she’s currently building her first home. After a long day of searching, she fell in love with her future home, yay! I learned A L O T about home purchasing, and quickly realized I am not there yet. The following evening we celebrate Jen in style with a delicious dinner at Tavern and Table. The fried deviled eggs are too good to be true if you’re ever dining there.

James Birthday Weekend

J (and) Eric turned 25 this year! Unfortunately their birthday was on a Monday and I was unable to celebrate with J on his day, but the weekend before we celebrated in the most J manner possible. We drove to Richmond, VA so he could run a half marathon with our friend Ryan.

Post marathon we consumed an unhealthy amount of diner food. Naps were taken, beer was consumed, and a lot of Karaoke occurred.


A couple of friends in our apartment complex decided to get together and host a Friendsgiving Dinner before Thanksgiving. About 20 of us showed, and tons of food was made and consumed.


James’ parents decided they would come down to their Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. We decided instead of spending Thanksgiving by ourselves in Charleston we would drive up to Myrtle.

It was amazing to be home, see his parents, and spend lots of quality time with Duce. Our Thanksgiving Tradition includes a walk on the beach while the Turkey cooks, and it’s hands down one of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving.

Shelly Did What? – Exercise

I’ve decided I’d like to run a 5K by January, and run a 10K by April. In an effort to do so I’ve started picking up my exercise regiment. I’ve been running 2 miles a few times a week and incorporating some lifting/body exercises.

Shelly Did What? – Beauty Treatments

October also saw some first time beauty treatments! I’ve been experimenting with different treatments to see what I’d like to have done for the wedding.

Lash Lift

I got a lash lift, or lash perm, and I straight up would not do this again. My eyelashes typically curl on their own when I apply mascara without an eyelash curler. The only thing I felt this lash lift did was make them curl without mascara. I didn’t notice any change in length, or volume. Next time I think I’ll go right to extensions to achieve the longer eyelashes look I was going for.

Dip Nails

I had heard of dip before but never wanted to try it because I didn’t like that you have to go back to the salon to remove them. I am so lazy when it comes to my nails, I often let them chip off on their own.

One of my bridesmaids, Jen, and I have a birthday tradition where we get our nails done. I figured this would be the perfect time to try out the dip nails and test out a manicure I was eyeing for the wedding.

The dip nails lasted for weeks and looked sleek and clean, I LOVED them. I’ve been growing out my nails and their shape, so I really loved the way the dip accentuated them.

In an effort to avoid returning to the salon to remove my dip, I googled ways to remove them at home and found a trick that somewhat worked. Simply soak cotton balls in acetone, place cotton ball on your nail and wrap in aluminum foil. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and boom, done. It’s definitely a lot easier said than done. I don’t think I soaked long enough, and it was difficult doing all my nails in one shot. Next time, I’ll pay the $12 and have the salon do it for me.

Shelly Did What? – Work


In early September, I found out that I had been recommended for promotion and as of October 1st I would be a Senior Associate. I was expecting this next step in my career, as career growth at my firm is pretty structured and attainable so long as you perform well. I told J the good news and came home to homemade brownies, a homemade card, and vino “Made by James”. He really is a keeper.

In early October I finally found out what my compensation increase would be, and how it compared to my peers. I was quite happy with the results, and immediately started thinking where James and I would go with my bonus. We ultimately decided on Finland!

San Antonio

Living in hotels during the week can be really nice, especially when the bed is comfier than mine at home. But sometimes, it sucks. The hotel I stay at in San Antonio is supposedly “haunted”, and while I don’t believe in ghosts, having my lights turn on and off constantly over the span of an hour at 1 am was enough for me to request a different room.

Celebrity Sightings

While out to dinner one evening at work, we happened to realize that Dave Chapelle was dining at our restaurant. My Director jumped out of his seat and said hello to him, and was very excited about it. While I don’t watch much of his work, it is pretty cool to say I’ve seen him before.

Shelly Did What? – Wedding


This fall I took the plunge, and bought a circuit machine. I figured why pay someone $70-$100 for a sign, when I could make it myself for a fraction of the cost. Over time the initial cost of the circuit would spread out among all my wedding projects, and I would end up saving money.

Additionally I could use it for other things at home post-wedding. So far I’ve used it for many home projects, and just a few wedding projects. Lately I’ve been selling some custom orders! I made these JoBros T-Shirts recently and loved how they turned out.


I finally pulled the plug and ordered our wedding stationary. As usual, trying to be fiscally savvy, I ordered our invites from Canva after designing them myself. Invitations, envelopes details and RSVP cards (50 each) only set me back $72!

Saving money on the actual paper, will allow me to add some finishing touches to the invitation suite to draw it all together without breaking the bank. I haven’t sent them out yet, so I won’t reveal all the details, but stay tuned for the invitation blog post I’m sure will come soon.

Shelly Did What

There you have it friends, my life in the past few months! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s series of this years BLOGMAS attempt!


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