Shelly Did What? Summer Memories

Shelly Did What? Summer Memories

What is Shelly Did What?

As you can tell, churning out posts on a consistent basis is DIFFICULT. I always tell myself I’m going to commit to blogging more often but as always, life happens.

Some may think, how hard can it be to have a blog? I certainly thought that but let me tell you – blogging is a LOT of work. It’s very easy to write a post and throw it onto the Internet. However, if you want to write a high-quality post that draws readers in there’s more effort required. From picking the right topic, to legibility and SEO optimization it can take an entire day just to write a post.

With that all in mind I decided to do a monthly and seasonal series “Shelly Did What” recapping my life. Covering everything from traveling to exercise and wedding planning. If it happened and was worth mentioning I’ll share it!

So, welcome officially to my first installment of Shelly Did What?

Summer Memories

Looking back, I realize so many things happened this summer. James and I did so much and I wish I could relive all these moments.

Shelly Did What? – Travel

Myrtle Beach

The summer began with one of many visits to Myrtle Beach. Since James’ parents have a house here we made the 1.5hr drive often to visit his parents, Eric (his brother) and Seth (our BFF).

On one of our trips Seth took us out on his boat, and even let me take a spin behind the wheel. This was my first time ever driving a boat so to say I was nervous was an understatement.

On another visit our good friend Ryan from high-school made his way down to Myrtle Beach on an impromptu visit. Some drinks later James, Eric, Ryan, Seth, Monica and I opted to visit a new club in North. Myrtle Beach. Turns out this club was e m p t y. We quite literally had the dancefloor to ourselves, and it was probably one of the best times I’ve had.


In the middle of June, James and I took a weekend trip to Austin, Texas. This was both of our first times in Austin, and in Texas in general. We ate an ungodly amount of food, walked all over Austin, took endless photos in front of murals and visited a swimming hole. On top of all this adventuring we also met up with an old friend. Eli, who studied abroad with us in England, had recently moved to Austin with his fiance and we were lucky enough to catch up with him for lunch.


The weekend immediately after Austin, I traveled to Chicago to visit a close work friend Nathalie. A lot of my colleagues/work-friends at the time lived in Chicago, so we met up with them often while adventuring through Chi-town. Nath took me all over the city, from the Bean, to the RiverWalk, and the crowded Chicago Beach. I also had my first ever Rod TuffCurls & The BenchPress experience, and I am hooked. I am itching to return to Chicago and see more of this amazing city and my friends again!


After years of dating, J and I were finally in a position where we could both afford to simultaneously visit my homeland in July. We spent a week spending time with my family, adventuring through the island, and eating a ton of food. It was so nice for James to see where I grew up and spend more time getting to know my family!

San Antonio

Late in August work brought me to San Antonio for the next couple of months, and I obviously couldn’t help but explore. Obviously visiting the Alamo, roaming the riverwalk and indulging in texmex was in the cards.

Shelly Did What? – Wedding

Wedding Venue Booked

Mid-June James and I settled on our Wedding Venue and Reception Site and paid our deposits. Our wallets were very sad, but I was certainly very excited. James, maybe less so.

Engagement Party

The end of July saw a lot of celebration. Some friends and family made their way to our neck of the woods in Charleston to celebrate our Engagement Party. It was the perfect day spent with charcuterie boards, mimosas, engagement cookies and taking endless photos. Having our family, friends and pupper Dooey there to celebrate with us meant so much.

Bridesmaids Proposals

Since all of my Bridesmaids except Nicole and Kali (J’s sister and niece) were attending our Engagement Party, I popped the question then! I made the most adorable bridesmaid proposal boxes (on a budget) and asked them to stand by my side on the big day. James’ mom graciously took Nicole and Kali’s boxes to them while visiting them the week after our party. Spoiler alert: everyone said yes!

Wedding Dress Shopping

Early August saw me saying YES to the dress! I fell in love with a Wedding Dress the first time I tried them on. Not only was it such an exciting moment, I learned so much about wedding dress shopping that I wish I had known before! From A-Lines, to blushers and applique, to wearing spanx and picking the right bridal salon it was truly quite the experience. I’m so lucky I was able to share this moment with some of my bridesmaids and and my future MIL as they were all in town for our Engagement Party.

Save The Dates

After months of design, re-design and re-design, I finally settled on our custom Save The Dates. I scored 50 Save The Dates for a whopping $27! After our Engagement Party had passed I excitedly mailed these bad boys out.

Shelly Did What? – Livin’ Life

This summer held so many monumental moments for us, our family and friends!

  • We celebrated Father’s Day on the beach indulging over a Charcuterie Platter.
  • G + Papa (James’ parents) celebrated their birthdays!
  • James’ dad got his Irish citizenship, and James and Eric subsequently applied for theirs.
  • Took Eric out to eat at our favorite Indian Restaurant to celebrate him being DEBT FREE!
  • We saw Toy Story 4 in theaters, and I teared up just a little.
  • Spent an entire week dog sitting my little meatball Duce and it was the most amazing week ever.
  • My older brother turned 30 and had me feeling very, very old.
  • My little brother, finished his last year of Elementary School. He’s starting Middle School this September, what?! AGAIN FEELING OLD.
  • Managed to create some blogs relating to the wedding and finances!

Shelly Did What? – Work

This summer my work life evolved so much in a span of few months it’s insane.

June saw the completion of many months of hard work. I had the most amazing time working on my previous client in Delaware, and made amazing friendships while there. July was spent transitioning work, celebrating deadlines, enjoying team events and endless goodbye dinners.

In August I transitioned to working remotely while finishing work on my previous client. Actually living at home for a month and seeing James every day was amazing, though I did miss the hotel beds. At the end of August, I finally joined a new team and client in San Antonio. Stay tuned for more SA updates!

Shelly Did What? – Health

I started working out again in an effort to improve my overall health. Working remotely really aided in this as James would come home every day and nag me to workout with him.

James, Mikayla and I began a “Whole 30” challenge, and we (okay, I) may or may not have cracked circa day 10. Even though I didn’t necessarily make it through the entire 30 days, I started eating significantly healthier. My meals consisted of significantly less processed food and alcohol. Now I basically live on smoothies, salads, and seafood.

Shelly Did What?

There you have it, Shelly Did ALL the things this summer. Traveled, celebrated, spent times with friends and family, ate too much, and exercised way more. I cannot wait to see what September has in store for me. Stay tuned y’all and thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe below to stay up to date with all my latest blog posts!

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