Stockholm Arlanda to City Center

Stockholm Arlanda to City Center

With my recent post about our travels to Stockholm, I thought an airport to city guide post was due. The following in depth post will consider the multiple ways to get from Stockholm Arlanda to City Center.


Stockholm Arlanda to City Center via Train

The Arlanda Express

Commute Time

The Arlanda Express is arguably the fastest way to get to the City Center from Arlanda. You can take the Arlanda Express from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Cental Station every 15 minutes.

Purchasing Tickets

You can purchase tickets on board, online, or at the airport. Online tickets must be purchased prior to boarding the train. At the airport you can buy tickets at the Ticket Office near Tracks 1&2, from the Visitor Center in Terminal 5, or from the various Ticket Machines which accept both cash and credit.

Cost of Tickets

Ticket prices vary on age, and purchase site. If you purchase tickets onboard the train there is a 100 SEK surcharge. If you purchase tickets online in advance, you can get early-bird rates.

As of January 2020, children aged 0-7 always travel free. Children and youth aged 8-25 receive a discounted ticket at 149 SEK, however if you are from 8-17 years old and traveling with an adult (26+) who has paid for a ticket you may travel for free. Pensioners (65+) travel for 249 SEK, whereas adults (26+) travel for 299 SEK. Refer to the online website (linked above) for the most up-to-date fares.

Be aware youth purchasing youth tickets will need to show proof of age.

Stockholm Arlanda to City Center via Public Transport

If you’re like me and looking for a deal, public transport is the route to go. If you want to travel for a little less this is definitely the option for you. In total the trip all together takes about an hour to an hour and a half.


From Stockholm Arlanda you can take a public bus (579 or 583) to Marsta Station. This journey is approximately 20-25 minutes. From Marsta Station you switch from a bus to a commuter train. Hop on any train heading towards Stockholm Central (typically train 41). From Marsta Station the commuter train takes about 40 minutes.


When James and I traveled to Stockholm in May 2017, tickets for the two of us cost 86 SEK.


Stockholm Arlanda to City Center via Buses

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches

Commute Time

The bus takes approximately 35-45 minutes, and departs every 10-15 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda/Central Station.

Purchasing Tickets

You can purchase tickets and check the departure schedules online. Tickets are valid for any departure and good for travel in any direction within 3 months.

Cost of Tickets

Adults (18+) cost 99 SEK for a one way, whereas youth (8-17) cost 89 SEK. Children aged 2-8 accompanied with an adult with a paid ticket travel for free.


If you’re looking for a really affordable option, consider FlixBus.

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online, or in person at the bus.

Cost of Tickets

Ticket prices range based on seat options available. The lowest fare for a one way trip is 3.90 EURO. When looking for tickets for today (upon writing this post) the 3.90 EURO fare was sold out, and 5.90 EURO seats were the available.


Stockholm Arlanda to City Center via Taxi

Taxis are typically the most expensive route, but sometimes the most convenient, and take roughly 40-45 minutes depending on traffic. Funfact – the taxis that have contracts with Stockholm Arlanda are all eco-friendly!

Where to get a Taxi

Taxis are available outside all of the terminal locations. Simply head on over to the taxi stand and organize your destination.

Cost of Taxi

Stockholm Arlanda maintains a deregulated taxi environment, which allows for various companies to service the taxi stand. This also enables for a competitive market in prices. Some taxi companies charge based on a price fix, a zone, or meter. Simply choose which company suits your budge the best, and select a taxi from that company – not the first taxi in line.

There is a zone that encompasses Arlanda to Stockholm City Center, along with other areas. This zone has a price ceiling set at 675 SEK. This fee covers up-to four passengers going to one address. Any travel outside of the “zone” area requires the use of the meter-taxi.

All of the taxi companies must advertise comparative prices (shown in black on yellow background). This essentially informs customers what a typical drive of a certain distance costs.

If you have agreed upon a “fixed-price” with the taxi, ensure the fixed-price is entered into the meter prior to departing.

Stockholm Arlanda to City Center via Car

If you have your own car, or plan to rent a car, you can take the E4 southwards from Arlanda to the City Center and arrive in about 40-45 minutes depending on traffic. The distance in total is roughly 40 km.

Stockholm Arlanda To City Center

Whether you take the train, bus, or taxi there are multiple options available for you to get from Stockholm Arlanda to City Center. Simply choose the best option for you and enjoy your time in Stockholm!

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