The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths

Most tourists visiting Bath typically do so on a day trip tour out of London, typically combined with a visit to Stonehenge. Others, like us, make the trek out to Somerset to spend the day in Bath. Regardless of how you get there, The Roman Baths are a must see attraction while exploring the city of Bath.

These baths are well preserved ruins of an ancient spa. Not just any spa but an extremely important religious spa during Caesar’s rule, he even bathed there! The springs that run through the city still flow with natural hot water. You can no longer bathe in The Roman Baths, due to the toxicity of the untreated water. However, you can still experience the thermal waters of the historic city of Bath at various spas throughout the city.

Bath View from Alexandra Park

Tickets and Information

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the website, or in person. Prices vary dependent on the season and day of the week. If you plan to also visit the Fashion Museum and Victoria Art Gallery I would recommend looking into the Museum Saver Ticket.

The Roman Baths

Plan to spend at minimum two hours at the baths. There are four man features housed within, the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House, and various finds from the Bath House.

An audio device will be provided upon entrance. You’ll hear interesting tidbits regarding the various relics, ruins, and rooms you encounter. We easily spent 2 hours walking through the Baths. At the end of the exhibit, we had the opportunity to taste a small portion of treated water that was safe for drinking. Let’s just say it tasted like it came out of a VERY rusty pipe.

Bath Romans Baths
Bath Roman Baths
Bath Roman Baths

The Pump Room

Adjacent to the Roman Baths, you can dine in this historic room after your visit! The restaurant itself is named after water that is pumped into it from the Roman Baths. If you’re familiar with Jane Austen’s Persuasion or Northanger Abbey, then you may recognize The Pump Room.

Bath the pump room



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