What I wore to Our Engagement Party

What I wore to Our Engagement Party

Recently I shared a blog post about our amazing Engagement Party. Since then I have gotten messages from some readers and followers on Instagram about my outfit. After getting so many questions about what I wore to our engagement party I decided I would launch a mini series on the Wedding Portion of my blog. Cue the Styled by Shelly (wedding) series – aka what I wore for X event. In this case, I’m sharing the outfit I donned for our Engagement Party.

Engagement Party Outfit

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a crop top fan. Unsurprisingly I had my eye on this outfit for months. I saw it all over Pinterest but never knew the brand. I eventually found out it’s designed by Two Sisters The Label, an Australian Brand. The two piece set is titled the “Celine Set” and is one of their best sellers. It is almost ALWAYS sold out. I ended up joining their wait-list so I could be alerted as soon as it became available.

There are a tonnnnnnn of other websites that advertise this same outfit, at a fraction of the cost, and even use the same photos. Be warned these are all knock offs and the true owner of the design is only this label. They even recommend you e-mail them to verify if a store is certified to sell their brand before purchasing!

Sizing and Price

I’m roughly 5’2” and 120 pounds and I ordered a US 4, or an AU 8. The dress itself was a little loose on my waist, but hugged my lower half. As far as length, even in my tallest heels (4″), the train on the skirt still dragged. I personally ended up removing the sleeves because I hate restricting my arms, but I do love the total look with sleeves attached.

All in all I am really happy with the purchase and loved this outfit for our engagement party. I even sometimes will wear the top as it’s own item with a pair of jeans or a different skirt.

Two Sisters the Label is one of many Australian Boutiques that have become quite popular in the US. The price itself is fairly affordable, at $139. I will say with the time I spent looking at this dress, I never saw it go on sale.

The outfit itself received tons of compliments, and I’m now itching to wear it again for another event, a.k.a. James if you’re reading – let’s go on a date.

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