Winter Engagement Photos

Winter Engagement Photos

Clearly James and I are fans of traveling, and unsurprisingly our wedding is an international affair. We have Save the Dates pictured in the US to Engagement Photos taken in Finland, and the ceremony in Italy. This Wedding truly is our biggest adventure yet. J and I previously did ‘budget friendly’ engagement photos, shot by his mom (which we love). However, when our wedding photographer offered us Winter Engagement Photos while we were visiting Finland, I couldn’t say no. I love taking photos, because they’re a literal snapshot of a memory. There have been so many times I have remembered a forgotten memory by looking at a photo.

Our Photographer and Videographer for our Winter Engagement Photos and Our Wedding

Looking back I am so happy we had the opportunity to do the shoot with Josefin and Ola . It allowed J and I to get to know them and get comfortable taking professional photos. When it come to picking vendors, a Wedding Photographer was at the TOP of my list in importance.

Photographers often book out a year in advance, and I knew I wanted the best of the best. I didn’t want to get stuck picking someone based on who had availability for our day! I happened to discover Josefin in a Destination Weddings Group on FB and I am SO happy I did! This husband and wife duo offered a variety of services at a reasonable price, and high-quality work. Based in Finland, they often shoot all over Europe and Asia for weddings, and hiring them was a no brainer.

Photographer: Josefin Westin
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Videographer: Ola Westin
Social Media: Youtube, Instagram

General Tips I learned from our Winter Engagement Photos

First and foremost, I think comfortability with your photographer is crucial, but I did gather a couple of helpful tips for our winter photos.

  • Comfortable Shoes (with traction) for icy situations are a M U S T
  • A WARM jacket that you can easily toss on and off
  • Get comfortable being yourself, be silly, carefree and have fun!
  • Simple ‘poses’ that result in great candids!
  • Get comfy kissing with an audience!

Josefin explained there are a couple of poses you can rotate throughout to help achieve the ‘loved up’ couple vibe. While we were shooting, Josefin would make small adjustments to us so that we captured well. Generally the poses consisted of the following:

  • Nose to nose with forehead touches
  • Close hugging and soft-elegant hands
  • Forehead kisses
  • Kisses with aligned faces (so that the camera can properly see your profile)

Beyond the ‘posed’ photos, Josefin was very encouraging of candid and care-free photos. Plus I had a blast running on the beach with J, and spinning me around on the frozen ocean.

Our Photos

Josefin and Ola scouted the area near Oulu and found a lovely forest nearby for us to take photos. We started the shoot with a gloomy gray sky, though it made the white of the snow pop!

Without further ado enjoy our amazing engagement photos! Mind you, it was extremely difficult to only select a handful to post on here. Clearly I didn’t do a great job at limiting the number of photos.

Afterwards, we made our way to Nallikari Beach hoping to get some color from the nearing sunset. We arrived at the literal perfect moment. The sun was just setting, but positioned behind large clouds, and we could see the colors peeking out underneath.

We jumped out of the car and ran out onto the beach in hopes of getting photos before sunset, and man was it worth it. As we walked onto the ice the sun was in the perfect position behind us.

Ola captured the most beautiful video of us, which can be viewed below!

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Our Outfits

For any of you wondering, yes I bought this sweater specifically for our shoot. I got my sweater from Zaful and my jeans from Banana Republic. James’ gray jacket from Nordstrom was perfect for the wintery weather as it was lined, but light!

Fun Fact: James only packed black sneakers for our trip, and they were soaked from all our walking in the snow/slush. We impromptu bought these too-small boots for €2 at a Secondhand Store…Yep my fiancee everyone.

Anyway, moral of the story, photos and videos are forever! If you’re trying to decide where to spend your wedding budget, photos and videos are definitely worth it! If you’re getting married in Europe in the next year, I cannot say enough good things about Josefin and Ola and HIGHLY recommend booking with them! I can’t wait to see how beautiful our Wedding Photos turn out!

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